The Lakes in May

I write this blog in such strange times. The Lake District has been amazingly beautiful during the last few months as the weather has been so fabulous, but obviously very quiet. Left alone to reflect on its own beauty in the lakes themselves, as we all live in lock down. So what have we been up to at Maple Bank?

Well, the Head Gardener has been extremely busy in the garden. We haven’t really had any rain for about seven weeks, so She has been in Her complete element. Out for several hours every day. Pottering, potting and re-potting. We have loads of bulbs in the garden and in our many pots, so we’ve really enjoyed having the flowers in the House throughout March and April. Once finished, all the spring bulbs in pots have been replanted into the back garden for next year.

We then got the wonderful news that one of the Head Gardener’s favourite nurseries was happy to deliver, which produced a HUGE smile. As a result we have had several deliveries over the last few weeks, as have a few folk in the village as well. This has included some fabulous plants to fill up the garden for years to come: holly-hocks, delphiniums, and granny bonnets to name just a few (and I now know what they look like too!). I’ve also been able to squeeze in some Hebe’s, which I love.

But my truly favourite purchases have been the geraniums. And we now have lots and lots and LOTS of pots of these and I can’t wait to see them all come into bloom over the next week or so. A cheerful happy flower which I fell in love with straight from the pages of one of my favourite childhood books: The Little White Horse.

And what have I been up to? Well the early good weather meant that I painted the garden shed – am really pleased to have got to this – as well as lugging endless watering cans up the garden for the aforementioned newly planted flowers …. and then we bought a hose extension – whoop whoop!!!. Also relocated some paving stones, fiddled with a few pots, and seemed to have dug endless holes for relocating plants…. I’ve also decorated my own room, as well as acquainting myself with some really exciting woodwork around the house… One huge bonus has been that I’ve also been able to spend some time decorating the kitchen which we have both found very satisfying. Quite a bit of my time has also been spent volunteering at our local village shop, so it could remain open for those at -risk groups in the village, as the owner is in an at-risk group herself.

And finally, some new cake-baking recipes have been well and truly researched by both of us. I initially tried to stick to the healthy oats-based recipes, but this didn’t last long as my waistline can show. We have found some really scrummy recipes to share with you. But when will this be?

So as of today, it seems as if we might be able to reopen in early July. We will only be opening up half the rooms so that we can rotate room occupancy to manage our cleaning regimes and social distancing in the dining room.

For group bookings, we will shut the house for three rooms or more.

Best to phone direct to find out availability – and to get the best prices.

If you want to read more about what we are doing to ensure that you have a relaxing and safe holiday with us at Maple Bank, then please do read our COVID-19 page and also During Your Stay page for more details.

We are really looking forward to welcoming you back to Maple Bank and the Lake District. But for now, stay safe, and look after ‘you and yours’.

See you son

Kate, Ann and wee Tara

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