Maple Bank is a dog-friendly bed-and-breakfast and our four-legged guests are very welcome.  Tara – our resident Border Terrier – is happy to share the large garden behind the house.  The garden is fully enclosed and netted: a safe space to let your pooch stretch their legs after you arrive, or to pop down to first thing in the morning, or just before bedtime.

Pooh-bags are available at the front door in case you run out, along with a torch and spare leads in case you forget when you pop downstairs.  Please put your used pooh-bags in the green metal dustbin by the gate.

Extra towels are also available by the front door in case of any damp paws, and doggy towelling dressing gowns can be borrowed in case of a real down-pour!

Don’t forget to bring your dog-beds or dog-basket and bowls.

Not all our guests have dogs staying with them, so we do ask that you consider the other house guests when you’re coming in and out.  We keep the breakfast room dog-free during breakfast time, so we do ask that you either pop your pal(s) in your car during breakfast, or you can leave them in your room, if they are contained securely.  We do have two cages available if you need them.  Please note that any damage to the room caused by an un-attended and unsecured dog will be charged for at departure.

Each room is cleaned thoroughly after our four-legged guests check out and is hoovered each morning after breakfast when your room is being serviced.