Pure Lakes – handmade, natural skincare products

I’m very excited to announce that we are now stocking Pure Lakes natural skincare products in our rooms for our guests to use – and our first few guests of 2020 have absolutely loved it!

Pure Lakes was founded by Sandra and Iain Blackburn and has been producing award-winning, natural skincare for 10 years.

In search of a product that worked for sensitive skin Sandra, a trained chemist, combined her knowledge of science with pure, plant-based ingredients to formulate her own skincare products.

Claire & Gareth McKeever were among Pure Lakes’s earliest customers. Gareth and Claire bought the business in 2016 and continue to work closely with Iain and Sandra in ensuring the founding principles of the company are fundamental in every decision. For more on their values please see here.

Claire says, “Gareth and I had both used Pure Lakes products for many years and effective plant-based skincare is something we are passionate about.” 

“We are excited to have the opportunity to build on the high quality, sustainable and eco-friendly foundations laid by Iain and Sandra over the past decade”.

My mum, Ann, and I are really excited about using Pure Lakes in our guest bedrooms as their products are excellent. In addition, the products are made in the Lakes and they have a very strong sustainable policy throughout their production and packaging processes. As someone who has always had quite sensitive skin, I have find their approach to sensitive skin very refreshing and effective.

We stock the Heritage Range here at Maple Bank for our guests to use in their bathrooms. I chose this range as the fragrances are lovely for all genders. The packaging artwork is also particularly charming as it uses landscape scenes of the Lakes painted by Claire’s Granny. Whilst my guests won’t be able to see the packaging in their rooms, they can see them – and other Pure Lakes products – at ‘Love the Lakes’ in Keswick and ‘The Linden Tree’ in Cockermouth.

We also have the insect repellent, after-sun lotion and foot gel available for our guests to use.

You can also buy online at https://www.purelakes.co.uk/

Some specific details about their production process.

Ingredients – Pure Lakes make all of their products using natural, bio-degradable raw ingredients.  

Packaging – the packaging is either from recycled material or is recyclable/reusable in itself.

Where possible, Pure Lakes try to use glass jars, but where these are not appropriate they use plastic made from a biopolymer, one that is also fully recyclable and which is a by-product of making sugar, used in place of ethylene or oil.

Waste Generation and Disposal – Pure Lakes recycle or reuse all cardboard, paper, glass and plastic. 

Pure Lakes offer a Bulk Refill Scheme to the Hospitality Industry to enable them to re-use bottles thereby cutting down on waste. This is why we at Maple Bank have the larger 250ml bottles in your bathroom for your complimentary use and we ask that you leave the bottles behind for the next guest.

All Pure Lakes’ finished products are bio-degradable.

Product Miles and Impact of Transport – where possible Pure Lakes use of UK suppliers for all of their raw materials and packaging.

Energy requirement – this is relatively low and they are continually investigate energy sources that have a positive effect on the environment.

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