Maple Bank Guest House offers cosy and relaxed bed and breakfast accommodation.  Our hope is that you make this your ‘home-from-home’.  We have seven guest bedrooms, four on the first floor and three on the second floor.  We do not have any lifts.  Access from the ground floor is up two flights of stairs to the first floor and then two flights of stairs to the second floor.  All stairs are covered with a fitted carpet.

Flight one has 12 stairs.  Flight two has 4 stairs.  There is a short landing between flight one and two.  The first-floor landing is between flight two and three.  Flight three has 11 steps.  Flight four has 5 steps.  There is a short landing between flight three and four.  Each stair is approx. 19 cms high.  There is a bannister rail up the stairs on the left hand side only.


Guests are asked to make Maple Bank Guest House management aware of any special requirements at the time of booking.

Car parking

We have two private off-street parking areas at Maple Bank.  There are two spaces at the front of the house, to the left of the house as you are looking at it.  From there you can walk across a short area of loose gravel, and then a small area of cobbles, to the front of the house.  The cobbles are by nature uneven.

If you drive down the left-hand side of the house to the rear, you will come to the main car park with five spaces.  The car park has loose gravel on the surface.

Reception and general areas

There are three steps up from the cobbles at the front of the house, approx. 16cms high.  There is a short pathway of approx. 12ft long from the cobbles to three separate steps up and into the inner porch of the house.  Each step is of a slightly differing height from 12 cms to 19cms.

The surface of the steps and the short path is concrete that has aged over the years and is uneven.  There are no hand rails.

The route from the rear car park to the front door is along a loose gravel drive.

Once through the front door you arrive into an inner porch which is covered in natural, uneven flag stones.  You enter the main hall from the inner porch through an inner front door.  The main hall and reception area are covered in natural, uneven flag stones.

The entrance way from the main hall to the dining room is on the same level with a wooden board separating the flagstones from the carpeted dining room, to the right of the hallway.

There is a small fridge in the dining room for guests to help themselves to fresh milk and can be used for any guest medication and guests’ drinks and food.  Anything left in this fridge is at the guests own risk and Maple Bank Guest House does not accept any responsibility for those items left by a guest in this fridge.

We can also accept any requests to store food and drink in the main house fridges if we can ensure that we can maintain the correct separation of food and drink to ensure the prevention of any cross-contamination.

A list of all out of hours and emergency numbers are always available from Kate or Ann.   Guests are asked to contact Kate or Ann by knocking on the door to the owner’s accommodation on the ground floor or on Room 4.

An explanation of all facilities and emergency evacuation is displayed on each door. An information book is available and is in each bedroom.  A large print version is available if needed.

Fire exit route is clearly marked on each floor.  There are fire extinguishers and emergency lighting on each floor.  Each room has its a fire and smoke sensor.


All the bedrooms are fully carpeted.  Each bedroom has its own door key and a key for the front door.  There is a guest information folder in each room with details about breakfast, check-in and check-out times, guide times the rooms are serviced (times will vary and are subject to occupancy levels) and other information about local attractions and bus timetables.


Each bedroom has its own en-suite bathroom.  Each bathroom has a walk-in shower that has a small step-up into the shower basin.  Each shower basin has anti-slip strips in place.

The bathrooms are tiled on the walls and the floor.

Each shower is electric with its own isolator switch on the wall outside the bathroom.

Each bathroom has been fitted with an LED bathroom overhead light, linked to the fan.  There is an LED light over the sink which has an integral shaver plug.  This plug must not to be used for anything else.

There is a heated towel rail in each bathroom and the timings for when these go on and off are controlled remotely by Maple Bank Guest House management.

Our rooms

On the first floor, there are two king-size rooms and a twin room.

Each king-size room has a king-size divan bed, a large cupboard, chest of drawers, bedside table and bedside lamps and a comfy chair.

The twin room has two single divan beds, a large built-in cupboard, a chest of drawers, bedside table and bedside lights and a comfy chair.

We also have a single room on the first floor for one-off specific group bookings.  This room is not advertised online as the bathroom is not en-suite and the room is very compact.  The single room has access to a private bathroom across the hallway on the first floor.  This bathroom has a bath and an overhead electric shower.   The bath is cast iron and has a slight uneven surface and you need to step into it when using the shower.  The shower screen is a single glass screen that can be moved away from the bath.  A non-slip bath mat is available for use with the shower.  The floor is covered with bathroom specific laminate and the walls are tiled.  There is a sink and toilet.  The ceiling lights are bathroom LED spot lights and there is a bathroom LED light above the mirror with a shaver plug.  Do not use the shaver plug for anything else.

On the second floor, there are two double rooms and a twin room.

Each double room has a double-size divan bed, a large built-in cupboard, chest of drawers, bedside table and bedside lamps and a comfy chair.

The twin room has a double divan bed and a single divan bed, a large built-in cupboard, a chest of drawers, a bedside table and bedside lights, and two comfy chairs.

All the rooms have throws on the bed and cushions for use by the guests.  All rooms have kettles with tea and coffee making facilities, flat screen TVs with build in DVD players and hairdryer.  In the cupboard you will find a fan, blow heater, two additional blankets and two battery-powered lanterns in case of power failure. There is also a tray for dog bowls and spare fleeces for when dogs stay.

For further information please contact Kate direct on 017687 78229 or email to


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