Holidays are a precious time in which to relax, especially during these unusual times, so we hope your stay at Maple Bank will be as relaxed as possible.  We want you to feel like you're 'home-from-home', but with a few extra treats.

Whilst we are all learning to manage our lives with Covid-19, there are a few extra notes that we ask our guests to read - and stick to - during their stay, just to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and relaxed.

When we are allowed to reopen, we will only be  booking a few rooms at a time, in order to manage cleaning regimes and space in the dining room during breakfast.  We will also be rotating rooms in order to allow as much space as possible between bookings, up to three days before and after a booking.  This might mean that whilst you may have booked a kingsize room, you might have a double room on arrival, or vica versa.

When you arrive at Maple Bank, we will already have completed a registration form on your behalf, taken your payment and have a brief note ready for you to read about your stay here at Maple Bank.  We will give you your payment receipt and ask you to sign the registration form.  Signing the registration form means that you are happy to accept our requests during your stay at Maple Bank, in order to keep yourselves and other guests as safe - and as relaxed - as possible during your stay.

We'll also give you a map of the village - with the local pubs and restaurant highlighted.

We will also give you a breakfast menu so you can pre-order your breakfast, and ask you to leave it downstairs before you go out for your evening meal.  We have always asked our guests to pre-order their breakfast, as it helps plan our kitchen prep, and more importantly, it helps manage any waste.  Separate menus and choices are available for vegetarians, vegans and gluten-free.  And we sometimes have a 'Breakfast Specials' menu as well.

Breakfast is between 8am and 9.30am and is cooked to order, once all of your party has come down to the dining room.  We ask you choose a breakfast time when you check in, just to make sure we can look after all our guests properly and manage social distancing in the dining room.  If you're in a party of four or more, then we will block out at least half hour for your order so you can all be served together and so our other guests aren't caught up waiting for their breakfasts.  This helps make sure that everyone can get out for their days adventures and enjoy the Lakes.  If you need to be out in the morning by a specific time then please let us know the night before, especially if it is before 8am.  You'll get a fresh menu every day so you can choose your breakfast each day, and we'll leave this in your room when we give it a quick hoover in the morning.  If you want to phone ahead to reserve a specific breakfast time, please do.  Happy to help.

If you're bringing a canine pal with you, we'll show you our fully enclosed garden, point out where to find the green dustbin for pooh-bags, and where to find dog-towels and doggy-dressing-gowns for wet paws.  We have trays in each room for water and food bowls, but please do bring your dog's own beds, as it does seem to it help settle our four-legged guests more quickly.

At check-in, we'll also offer you fresh milk for  your room, in an individual thermos flask, which we'll refresh every day.  There are also UHT milk sachets in your room.

Normally we would refresh your room each day, but as we all want to protect our own 'bubble', things are a bit different now.  In the short-term only, we will be asking our guests to do a couple of things before they leave for their day.  Weather permitting, please can you open your windows to refresh the room whilst your out and leave any dirty cups and glasses outside your door, alongwith your bin from your room and your bathroom.  When you come back, there will be fresh cups, glasses, and emptied bins, alongwith some fresh milk in your thermos and some cake of the day in a little tupperware tub for you.  If you wish to have your room hoovered then let us know at breakfast.  For longer stays of four days or more, we will agree with you when you're happy for us to change your bedlinen and towels.

Whilst there isn't a guest sitting room, we do have a couple of armchairs and footstools at the end of the dining room where you're welcome to relax after your day out.  And of course, just move the dining tables around for any games nights, as there are packs of cards, Uno, draughts, chess, Snakes and Ladders, Banagram, Articulate, Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary etc all available to use during your stay.

If you wish to have a evening take-way meal during this time, rather than eat in the local pubs/restaurants, then some of the local pubs/restaurants are also offering take-away meals from their menus as well.   You will just need to book a collection time with them.  You're very welcome to eat your take-away in the dining room, just let me know so I can set up a table for you.  And I can let you know which pubs/restaurants are offering you this service, before you arrive.  Again, just give me a call.

If it's wet or muddy, you can leave your boots in the hall to dry out, and we always have some newspaper which you can scrunch up inside any wet boots.  Any wet clothes can be hung up in the hall or in the private bathroom.  Best not to leave them in your car as unlikely to dry out overnight.

And of course the garden is there for everyone to enjoy, not just our four-legged guests.  Here you'll also find our newly created Paradise Terrace with chairs and a table for anyone that would like to sit outside.  And more chairs are available if needed - just ask.

And finally, if you're wanting to pre-order some sandwiches for your days adventures, the Village Shop in Braithwaite is happy to make them up for you.  You'll need to order them by 8pm the night before and email your order to info@braithwaitevillageshop.com  You can check out menu options here

But the most important thing to remember during your stay is that you have come here to relax, so kick-back and let the Lakes work their magic.

We're looking forward to welcoming you to Maple Bank.


Kate, Ann and Tara.


Geraniums by the gate