A new year at Maple Bank

Well… what a 2020! We are now a month into 2021 and already things are looking up. Vaccines a plenty! So what’s our game plan here at Maple Bank?

The Head Gardener has a plan and She’s kicked it off already ….. starting with a fire pit and some extra garden furniture. So if you fancy eating your cake or brownie after your day out – with a nice cup of tea – you’re very welcome to rest your ‘pins’ in the Paradise Garden.

Lockdown 1.0 resulted in some outdoor painting whilst the weather was kind to us. I never realised how fiddly and time consuming painting garden furniture could be…. The Head Gardener created two new flower beds and a pond feature, and our guests can now head up to the top of the garden, onto the top road, enjoying two new sets of steps to help them on their way. We also enjoyed some amazing home-grown vegetables thanks to the Head Gardener’s new vegetable troughs. Am soooo looking forward to some more this summer, hopefully including some homegrown strawberries from our multi-levelled strawberry pots. And indoors? The painting continued with some rooms getting a refresh, in addition to their new Smart TVs and boosted WiFi.

House painting continued in Lockdown 2.0, with the dining room having its own retouch in November, along with a fabulous new front door. I never thought I would see the day I would caress a front door, but hey ho. I love it!

My locally-based outdoor explorations began in earnest in Lockdown 1.0, and continued into Lockdown 2.0. This meant that late November found me at the computer, typing up directions and laminating route-maps for guests to take with them on their days out. Also on our website.

And so we come to 2021. Lockdown 3.0 started with some rather unpleasant weather in January, so I had no excuse but to buckle down and get on with my accounts. However, several frosty and snowy days clearly demanded that Tara and I wrapped up and headed out. It’s been simply magical and now I can’t wait for Winter 2021/2022 so I can head out for some winter camping.

Post accounts completion, tax return submitted and a year’s worth of filing sorted, Lockdown 3.0’s house maintenance has started with some upholstery for me, whilst the Head Baker has been busy making Seville Orange Marmalade, and Apple, Rhubarb and Ginger Jam, in readiness for reopening. In addition, the Head Baker and I have had a marvellous time taste-testing some locally-made brownies and tray bakes. The wonderful @Ellscakesandbakes brownies and tray bakes have now been added to the Chief Baker’s own cakes here at Maple Bank, so our guests can continue to enjoy a cheeky wee treat at the end of the day. You can also order brownies and tray bake to be posted home to remind you of your stay in the Lakes, or take some home with you, depending on how long you’re staying.

As for breakfast? Here too, we’ve also been trying out some additions to the breakfast menu. You can now enjoy Hollandaise Sauce with your poached eggs on avocado toast, with or without smoked salmon or bacon or sausages. And scrambled eggs with wilted spinach and pine nuts can also be ordered now, alongside the existing scrambled eggs with smoked salmon. Of course, the full breakfast is still available with a choice of black pudding or haggis, with fried bread or French Toast. Not forgetting you can still enjoy a simple toasted sandwich, with mouth-watering sausages or bacon, bought locally from Thomasons in Keswick, with the amazing bread from The Coffee Kitchen in Cockermouth. Our vegetarian guests are not forgotten either with their own extended menu choices, as well as vegan and gluten-free options.

2020 also brought some more fun times researching local restaurants and pubs, along with those who offer take-ways, should you prefer to have your meal in the dining room. All listed on our website and dog-friendly establishments highlighted as well.

So, if you would like to book your break away at Maple Bank Bed and Breakfast this year just call us on 017687 789 229 or 07494 219 592 or email us at enquiries@maplebank.co.uk Please don’t miss out.

Take care. Stay well. And we look forward to seeing you soon.

Best wishes

The Head Gardener, The Sausage Lady and wee Tara x

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